Wild Miller Gardens 2014 CSA


002 - Copy               Update for the 2014 season

Our CSA program will be running until the end of October 2014, at which point we plan to be moving to our new farm in Palermo, Maine.

Otherwise this summer season will be the same as any other, except that we will be growing even more produce than ever!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The basis of the idea is that for an upfront fee, usually early in the season, a family would reserve a share of food each week fresh from their local farmer. In this sense it helps the farmer out, in the early part of the season, when he or she could really use the upfront money to make sure all of the plantings happen on schedule and the rest of the farm is taken care of as well. This increases the contact between grower and customer, builds friendships, community and better food security for your family, as they will know right where they need to go to get their eggs/meat/veggies/fruit, etc. when needed.








We are offering the opportunity to purchase credit for our produce, eggs, and meats when available.  This entails paying an upfront fee, of $300, and receiving $330  credit to spend on our products at the farmers markets we attend, or at the farm store. The customer receives the benefit of credit for 10% more produce than they paid for, and they can take home any amount of the produce, meat, eggs, fruits, etc. that they want as long as it is available and until their $330 credit has been completely exchanged for fabulous food. At which point your family could start anew, in $100 intervals, any time of the year.

This credit could be used on farm as well, by utilizing The Well House Store or calling ahead. You can also have the opportunity to take a walk around our fields and meet our animals while deciding what you would like to take home with you.  Please contact us if you want to sign up to eat Local-Lee Grown food this season, and if you have any questions!

We will be attending the Lee Farmers market this summer on Thursdays from 3-6 at the old fire station.


We look forward to a great season,

Annalisa & Joel Miller




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