Farm Stand CSA


Update spring 2017 we are in the planning stages for our new year round farm store!

We hope to break ground this summer, and start work this fall on the new farm store! The plan is to have a well insulated building and be able to keep it open all winter long. This building will be built to be highly energy efficient and timber framed with lumber from our own forest.

We plan to have produce and eggs available for sale by self service all year long! For the summer this would include all the produce that you are used to seeing at our current farm stand. For the winter this would include fresh greens from our high tunnels, root vegetables including carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips etc. and more eggs as our flock of laying hens grows.

With this expanded marketing avenue, we hope to expand into more livestock production to offer farm raised meats as well as our own maple syrupCSA = Community Supported Agriculture. The support of a real community for a real agriculture. Your investment in our farm allows us to invest our efforts into high quality produce for your family throughout the year.


Our unique system offers customers the chance to pre buy credit for fresh, Certified Organic produce from our farm. The minimum buy in is $100 to which we add 10%, $100=$110 credit or $300=$330 credit to be used up at our farm stand at your convenience. We ask that you sign up in incriminates of $100. This credit does not run out each year but unused credit will be rolled over from one season to the next until it is used up, or you can add more money at any time (also in incriminates of $100 that we will add 10% to.)

We keep a running tab on your account and once a month we send out an email or phone call letting you know where your balance stands. We can also let you know anytime you would like an update.

We keep in touch with our CSA members as well as our regular cash customers with a weekly email newsletter during the growing season with pictures of the farm and information on what products we have available at the moment and what is coming soon.


The way in which customers will pick up their produce will be at our farm stand that is located in a very easy to access site on the farm and open for self service. Cash customer’s are welcome as well as CSA members, the only difference is that CSA members will fill out a small form stating what they picked up that day instead of transferring cash.  The farm stand opens in June.  We will be growing an assortment of storage crops as well as fresh veggies so that we will have produce available into the winter.


Vegetables you can expect to find through the season this year.






-Early potatos

-Sweet onions

-Storage onions


-Garlic Scapes

-Green Beans


-Summer Squash/Zucchini




-Storage Potatoes